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What is Mold? & Everything Else You Need To Know

Mold is a multicellular fungus that can take different forms in different parts of the home. It can take a black form when it grows in your bathroom and kitchen tile grout. It is also the white patch you find in your damp cloth and basement. Let's not forget the orange streak that forms underneath your kitchen sink - that too is mold.

But irrespective of the form in which mold appears in your home, it can make you and your family sick. Amongst other symptoms, mold can trigger allergic reactions like skin rash, asthma attack, runny nose, and itchy eyes when you get exposed to it. There are salient areas to always bear in mind while dealing with mold. These points will help you treat mold the way it ought to be treated - as a hazard that should be gotten rid of using professional help.

How Does Mold Grow?

Mold grows in hyphae, with each hypha being a structure with multiple cells that produce mold spores. Mold spores can be likened to seeds that germinate when placed in suitable soil and condition. In the case of mold spores, they grow when they settle on surfaces with conditions that foster their growth, which includes moisture, food, and temperature.


In the form of standing water bodies, wet organic materials, and high humidity, moisture is needed for mold growth.


Mold also needs a food source to survive. This food can be organic materials, dust particles in the grout between the bathroom and kitchen tiles, and tiny particles present in the air.

Optimal Temperatures

Mold will grow in a range of temperature including average room temperature (which is why it is such a problem), reduced light, and a mild oxygen supply. Mold spores indoors can quickly grow whenever the conditions suitable for growth exist.

What If I Suspect Mold, But Can't Find It?

Unfortunately, you only see mold with your unaided eyes when they are mature. So, if you think there is mold growth in your home or business premises, but can't find it, do not assume it isn't present. Seek professional help as soon as possible. Tulip Carpet Cleaning Port Washington will help you confirm the presence of mold using sophisticated devices.

There are many ways we can detect the presence of mold. Our mold testing equipment is advanced and capable of detecting the tiniest mold spores in the air and in hidden areas of your home. They include infrared cameras, air pumps, and moisture detectors. Trust us, only mold remediation experts can rightly use these devices to detect mold.

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What Happens During Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation is a term used to describe the process used to rid your home of mold. During mold remediation, we:

  • Inspect and test your space for the presence of mold, as well as the severity of the contamination.
  • Draw up a remediation plan from the results of the tests and inspections.
  • Set up a containment area to section off the work area. This ensures that mold spores from the infested area do not spread to other parts of your home.
  • Remove mold (including visible and hidden) from your space using advanced equipment and tools.
  • Affected materials are also treated if possible, or removed and disposed of if unable to be treated to prevent future mold growth.
  • Improve the air quality through HEPA filtering of the air.
  • Perform restoration and final clean-up on your home to replace, repair, or restructure items and surfaces that have been affected by mold.

Is It Enough to Clean Visible Mold?

Not at all. It is never enough to clean only visible mold. The mold you can see is a small percentage of the actual problem. Mold actually exists as tiny spores which float in the air and becomes visible when they settle and grow on a surface with suitable conditions for growth. You only handle an insignificant portion of the problem when you clean visible mold. This is because not all the mold spores in your home settle to grow and become visible simultaneously. While you're cleaning out the visible mold, other spores are still exploring other parts of your home, seeking a convenient spot to settle and grow.

However, you should not attempt to clean visible mold by yourself. Always seek professional help because using DIY mold removal methods to clean out visible mold will put you and your family in more trouble. Mold spores can quickly spread from the visible mold spot to other areas of your home. You could even inhale a good portion of it or have them settle in your eyes and mouth as you clean.

To truly clean out the mold, rely on the help of professionals. Call our mold remediation specialists in Port Washington as soon as you notice any visible mold growth in your home. Do not attempt to clean it yourself.

How Can I Prevent Mold Growth?

No matter how hard you try, DIY mold prevention mechanisms will simply not cut it in preventing mold growth. This is because mold is quite tenacious. You will need more than a vacuum cleaner and disinfectants to prevent its growth. Since moisture is the primary culprit behind mold growth, the best approach is to keep moisture and humidity levels in your home to a comfortable minimum. As soon as you have moisture issues such as flooding, water leakage, leaking roofs, or ventilation problems, do not hesitate to seek professional help. Only professional water damage and mold remediation teams like Tulip Carpet Cleaning Port Washington have what it takes to treat and prevent mold growth in your home.

Why Should You Call Tulip Carpet Cleaning Port Washington to Handle Your Mold Problems?

First, our mold remediation technicians have been thoroughly trained and certified. You can trust them to carry out mold testing and remediation on your premises following the strict standards of the mold remediation industry.

We also work at your preferred time, and we use the most advanced equipment in the industry. We will also do our best to maintain the state of your home or business space during our mold testing and remediation services. Call us today at 516-504-3009, let's rid your space of mold.


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